The Press Cellars is located in the beautiful, vibrant regional centre of Warragul, a little over one hour south-east of grey, chaotic Melbourne. Come in have a chat with us and take it all in.


Margo Walker

Name: Margo Walker
Age: Always -10
Years in the Game: 25 years
Favourite Beer: Most Pale Ales (Fifty Lashes)
Favourite Wine Region: Any Valley floor Barossa
Most Awesome Wine Experience: Louis Roederer Cristal on a significant birthday. I loved it so much I had to share it with my sisters. Which proved very expensive.
Wine Wankerism: Bizarrely, I refuse to get involved (unbelievable but true! – Stu)
Guilty Wine Pleasure: Amarone. Primal, intense. A sensory explosion.
Variety I’m Most Similar To: Shiraz (sparkling) – Classic ,dependable, dinky di and really gets the party started.
Variety Others Think I’m Most Similar To: Riesling – Always quality beyond the value. Quietly knowing it’s the best in the business without having to make a song and dance.

Stuart Hay

Name: Stu Hay
Age: Feeling Good
Years in the Game: 20 years
Favourite Beer: Sunner Kolsch Lager from Cologne in Germany. Such a crisp, flavoursome and clean beer and the right size too. 500ml
Favourite Wine Region: Colares, Portugal
Most Awesome Wine Experience: 1991 Wynns Michael Shiraz at a wine dinner with a bunch of industry chums when I was just discovering wine. It spun my head around. A real layercake of a wine. Like a drug I just keep chasing similar experiences. They get harder to find but the pleasure doesn’t diminish
Wine Wankerism: I just can’t help talking about what I am tasting, even around people who could not give a toss.
Guilty Wine Pleasure: Cellaring wines. I drink them too late too often, but hell when they look good after 10 years then you can forgive the ones that were shot after 5.
Variety I’m Most Similar To: Grenache – Not hip, a little crusty. Subtle, smooth but can get spicy. Loves a day in the sun.
Variety Others Think I’m Most Similar To: Australian Shiraz – usually found with too much and inappropriate wood.